Friday, December 19, 2008


My sister’s birthday is on the 20/12/2008 coincide with Mawi’s nikah. That’s make her very excited since she is one of Mavi’s fan. Since she’s already here visiting us I would like to give a surprise. Afterall she’s living in Bidor and impossible for me to celebrate her birthday there. She came with 3 of her children. My sister MakNgah also here to celebrate with us. My nephew and his family and my niece Imah. Unfortunately my nephew Fatah is not around because he’s working, if not it would be more joyful. My niece Intan and family came just as she reached home from work. She is just living nearby.

Just a small cake "Happy Birthday Acik"

My girl Mar is beside her Acik.

My sister the birthday girl....ha....ha.....

My sister MakNgah

My nephew Farhan

My nephew Judin dah besar ko jang......

My cucu Lily Amani
Iman and Nurul

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